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Test the strength of your immune system to fight the Coronavirus COVID-19


With this test, test your immunity strength to counter the new Coronavirus COVID-19
 All that you will do is answer by YES or NO 

Test the strength of your immune system to fight the Coronavirus COVID-19

Do you have a cold more than 3 times a year?

Do you find it difficult to overcome an infection?

Do you have recurrent cystitis?

Do you take antibiotics more than twice a year

Is there a history of cancer disease in your family?

Do you suffer from an inflammatory disease such as eczema, asthma or arthritis?

Do you drink less than a litre of fluid per day?

Do you consume more than a tablespoon of sugar a day

Do you rarely eat fresh fruits and vegetables?

Do you eat a lot of refined or processed sweets?

Is it rare to consume nutritional supplements?

Do you can drink a lot of coffee or tea daily and at regular intervals

Do you feel a lot of sleepiness and a desire to sleep during the day or after eating meals?

Do you eat meat more than five times a week?

Do you eat a lot of processed foods or fast food between meals

Do you spend less than an hour a day exposed to natural sunlight?

Do you exercise very little daily

Is your business a low-level activity?

Do you smoke?

Do you live or work in a smoking environment?

Do you sleep badly or wake up in a rampage?

Do you feel unhappy because of one of the main aspects of your life?

Do you easily get upset, angry, anxious or irritable?

Are you overweight

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